NECC 2008 Panel Discussion Cathy Nelson, NBCT, Teacher Librarian

June, 2008

Equip you self with the 21st Century Core Beliefs

A Look at Change

PowerPoint Slides - A look at how times have changed Cathy Nelson's

Cathy's Slides from the Panel Discussion

Slide 1 - Meet me - 21st Century Learner
Slide 2 - Equipping other LMS's with newer tools
Slide 3 - Professional Revelation in 2 parts-->1) Are we preaching to the choir? and 2) Is it "sit & get" style?
Slide 4 - Reach out to other audiences
Slide 5 - Go where they are...
Slide 6 - Streamline your own PD
Slide 7 - More Tools for PD
Slide 8 - Why?
Slide 9 - Read My blog

Where else am I online?
Delcious - cathyjonelson
Slideshare - cnelson
Skype - cathyjonelson
Classroom 2.0
TeacherLibrarian Network
Twitter - cathyjo

Interact with 2.0 tools
RSS, Blogs, Ustreams, etc.
Play wiith the tools (sandbox) and develope a working knowledge of various tools, what they are, what their potential is, and how they can compliment or enhance instruction and learning (for self and for environment.)

Watch these 2 videos by Will!

"What is Web 2.0?"(part 1) as defined by Will Richardson (video interview, 7:15)
The Read/Write Web (beginning, 0:00); Using the Read/Write Web Capabilities to Connect Around Professional Learning (est. 1:32 in); The Role that Writing Plays in Reading (est. 4:15)

"What is Web 2.0: (part 2) as defined by Will Richardson (video internview, 9:40)
The Future of Education in a Web-based World (beginning, 0:00); The Education System Absorbing New Technologies (est. 3:21 in); Changes to Physical Space (est. 7:05 in)

Tools you can use for PD--Your own and what you offer others:


What is it?
Why is it a good thing to have?

The CommonCraft's RSS in Plain English

Using a Reader
  • Bloglines
  • Google Reader
  • Will require an account (an online presence)
  • Many have searchable tutorials on YouTube
  • FREE, though there are others
    • Some of the others are free
    • Some are for a fee
    • Can use igoogle page
    • Can use Pageflakes

Blogs to read (my recommendations)

21st Century Teacher Librarian Focus
Doug Johnson - Blue Skunk
Joyce Valenza - SLJ Hosted - Never Ending Search
Carolyn Foote - Not So Distant Future
Diane Cordell - Journeys
Cathy Nelson - TechnoTuesday
Judy O' Conell - Hey Jude
KIm Cofino - Always Learning

21st Century Educators who are Forward Thinkers
Will Richardson - Weblogg-ed
Scott McLeod - Dangerously Irrelevant
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach - 21st Century Learner
Dean Shareski - Ideas and Thoughts of an EdTech Lifer
Wes Fryer - Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Social Networking


"WebTools4u2use" has great resources, including a link to blogs and their role in the media center.

Cathy Nelson, NBCT
Teacher Librarian
cathyjonelson -at-